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Progressive Democrat
Maryland State Senate
District 18

What I stand for.

I stand for equality and equity. While we should not deprive people of opportunity based on the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, disability or anything else, we must also help people make the most of their talents and ambition. At the end of the day, people want to take care of their families and live a dignified life. Why, in our great state of Maryland, are we still creating laws that perpetuate poverty and exclude swaths of our residents from opportunities? Why are we singularly focused on supporting large businesses or specialized industries that offer high-paying jobs (and the tax base those jobs create) instead of also building our state from the bottom up? Small businesses are dying. Hard-working people are afraid of losing health care and housing. We must invest in education, vocational training, financial education and life skills, and partner with small businesses to expand entry-level opportunities. Top down must be balanced with bottom up economic and community development. 

Grassroots All the Way.

Have you received a mailer from me? That's because you won't! I am only going door-to-door to hand them out personally. You may meet a friend or family member helping me, but I am not hiring anyone to canvas. Democracy means a government by the people and I strongly believe that our representation should be built from the ground up. If I haven't been to your neighborhood, PLEASE send me an email at and I will come by. Help spread the word about my grassroots campaign. I'm counting on YOU. 


Hear about me from others.

I am pleased to have received a distinction from Moms Demand Action and a Friend of Solar designation from the Utility-Scale Solar Energy Coalition, but even more honored by friends, students and fellow teachers who have known me for years and wish to share our stories. 


Advocacy in Action. 

As the executive director of the Financial Literacy Foundation and an expert in financial education for urban youth, being an advocate came with the job. As a consultant for the Capital Gains program (a program that provided financial incentives for D.C. middle school students to demonstrate academic success in school and abide by school rules), I fought to eliminate overdrafts and promoted transparency in fee structures for bank accounts set up for the program participants. As a financial literacy consultant for the Summer Youth Employment Program, I ensured that students understood how to avoid ATM and other fees levied by the banks partnering with the D.C. Department of Employment Services. I testified before the D.C. Council about the efficacy of incorporating experiential learning into courses on financial management and presented best practices in the realm of financial education for at-risk youth to the Financial Literacy Advisory Council at the U.S. Treasury Department. Combining advocacy and education, my goal was to help students practice building budgeting and savings skills, understand how banks worked, and build trust with banks as a step to towards financial empowerment. As the Chair of Education for Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, I worked with other board members to create train-the-teacher programs for high school teachers and advocated for mandatory financial management classes in D.C. high schools. 

Reach out.

As a grassroots candidate, I look forward to working alongside my neighbors to build a more inclusive Maryland. Have a question or need clarification on my issues? Please send me an email!



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